COVID 19 - Current Work Practices

First and foremost I hope all my valued customers and their families are well and are staying safe.

The health & safety of my customers is very important to me and I have implemented the following work practices in my business :-


  1. As I am an asthmatic I have chosen to self isolate for the time being so I won’t be making any onsite visits unless it is an extreme emergency. If an onsite visit is required I would need to complete the job out of business hours when no staff are present. I would need all keyboards and mice to be disinfected prior to my arrival. I will be wearing gloves and I will disinfect all keyboards and mice etc. once the job has been completed.

  2. The vast majority of IT support work can be conducted remotely via TeamViewer.  As most of you are aware I already complete around 80% of my work remotely and have done so for many years. If for some reason I cannot connect to your computer via TeamViewer I can also resolve issues via video chat on Facetime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom meetings etc.

  3. At this stage I will still repair computers in my workshop that can’t be fixed remotely.  I insist that anyone coming to my workshop practices social distancing and will leave their computers at the door and not enter my workshop. I also ask that you disinfect the computer before dropping it off, especially laptop keyboards & touch pads. I will be using gloves whilst working on your computer and will disinfect it again prior to you picking it up.

  4. If you are now working from home I can help with setting up your computer, networking, printing etc.

  5. My suppliers are still open for business and most equipment can be delivered overnight. There is a shortage of some items such as laptops and monitors, but stock is now starting to come in again. There have been price increases on some items due to the drop in the Australian dollar and increased freight costs.


I appreciate your support through this difficult time and I am here to help with all your computer/IT needs in any way I can.


Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or would like to discuss things further, cheers, Sally.